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Programs for Windows 95 / 98 / 2000 / XP

Program (exe) Bytes Description of Program
HEX    249,856 Safely scans any type of file
NUMBW    212,992 A way to learn numbers in various native languages
SHEEP    369,664 Sheepshead card game (with auto-install)
Awarded "4 cows" by Tucows   Four-cow rating from tucows

MMINDIN    152,576 Mastermind game - a game of logic (with auto-install)
ANALYZE    181,248 A small statistical tool (designed for encrypted files)
ACRONYM    201,728 Describes computer acronyms
ELECTRIC    69,120 A calculator related to electricity

The Sheepshead game (above) was optimized for an 800 x 600 screen setting with the default font size (small).   If you want to change your screen setting with Windows 95 or 98, right-click any open area of your desktop, choose "Properties", click the "Settings" tab, then change and apply the new settings.

Freeware software programs for windows

FREE Source Code (in C)

C Source File Description
sort.c Optimized sort algorithm
striphtm.c Removes html tags
getlinks.c Extracts just the links from html files
search.c Search methods
funcptr.c Controlling program flow with function pointers
sqrt.c Square root
random.c Creates random binary files
prime.c List primes and test if prime
pointers.c Understanding pointers
argcheck.c Argument checking (for C programmers)

Freeware programs for DOS

FREE Software Programs for Windows

FREE Programs for MS-DOS

(Sizes shown below are the sizes of the ZIP files)

(19,688 bytes)
The INDEX program creates an index for any text file automatically.
Download INDEX.ZIP here.

(19,496 bytes)
READING determines the readability of text in grade level.
Download READING.ZIP here.

(48,932 bytes)
BDAYS easily keeps track of birthdays & anniversaries.
Download BDAYS.ZIP here.

(39,547 bytes)
ROMAN is a small utility to translate Roman numerals.
Download ROMAN.ZIP here.

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All programs above were made by
Scott Wenger
Box 802
Stevens Point, WI 54481


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