Declassified Apollo Documents

(declassified under the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. § 552)

 Apollo 6 documents
Formerly classified as TOP SECRET
(declassified by the National Reconnaissance Office)
nro_apollo_6.pdf  (File size: 4,249,163 bytes)

 Memos about Apollo contingency orbits
Formerly classified as SECRET and TOP SECRET
(declassified by NASA)
apollo_contingency_orbits_1.pdf  (File size: 2,525,704 bytes)

 Memo from McLucas to Packard and Helms (40 Committee Agenda Items)
Formerly classified as TOP SECRET
(declassified by the National Reconnaissance Office)
apollo_contingency_orbits_2.pdf  (File size: 1,851,501 bytes)

 Apollo 17 Contingency Plan to 40 Committee
Formerly classified as TOP SECRET
(declassified by the National Reconnaissance Office)
apollo_17_contingency_plan_to_40_committee.pdf  (File size: 284,397 bytes)

 Apollo Earth Orbit Contingency Photography
Formerly classified as TOP SECRET
(declassified by the National Reconnaissance Office)
apollo_earth_orbit_contingency_photography  (File size: 449,448 bytes)

 "Lunar Research Flights" report by L. Reiffel dated June 19, 1959
Part still classified as SECRET - Restricted Data
(September 16, 2005 Air Force decision regarding declassification)
lunar_research_flights.pdf  (File size: 183,331 bytes)

 DOE-NASA documents (during the Apollo years)
Bibliography of classified and unclassified documents
March 5, 2007 letter from DOE (with attachments)
DOE-NASA.pdf  (File size: 818,131 bytes)

 June 4, 1965 memo that mentions Stanley Kubrick (on USIA letterhead)
Formerly classified as CONFIDENTIAL
(from the LBJ Library -- plus photos of Kubrick with NASA officials)
stanley_kubrick.pdf  (File size: 1,290,634 bytes)

 Text summary of audio tape 63   (meeting date: Nov. 21, 1962)
Formerly classified tape of meeting between JFK and NASA officials
(declassified by the JFK Library in August of 2001)
tape_63.pdf  (File size: 228,001 bytes)

 CHAPEL BELL report written in July 1966 (scan of abstract only)
Formerly classified as SECRET (full report is over 30 pages)
(declassified by the Office of Naval Research in September of 2006)
chapel_bell_abstract.pdf  (File size: 855,605 bytes)

 Letter from W.F. Raborn to James Webb   (dated Nov. 17, 1965)
Formerly classified as TOP SECRET
(declassified by the CIA on November 29, 2005)
james_webb_1965-11-17.pdf  (File size: 475,096 bytes)

Other Documents of Interest

 NASA Press Release about Itek Corporation
NASA awards $5.1 million contract to Itek Corporation for cameras
(press release dated January 26, 1970)
NASA-ITEK.pdf  (File size: 469,717 bytes)

 Letter from CIA
Letter states information requested is "under the purview" of NASA
(letter dated November 30, 2009)
2009-11-30__CIA_letter.pdf  (File size: 327,755 bytes)

 NASA Headquarters claims no paperwork exists regarding Itek cameras
and NASA claims other Apollo paperwork does not exist
(letter dated December 9, 2009)
NASA-ITEK-DENIAL.pdf  (File size: 913,103 bytes)

 Letter from National Reconnaissance Office
Subjects: Itek camera / Referral back to NASA
(letter dated December 8, 2009)
2009-12-08__NRO_LETTER.pdf  (File size: 743,564 bytes)

 Approval of TALENT-KEYHOLE Security Control System
Formerly classified as TOP SECRET
(signed August 26, 1960 by President Dwight D. Eisenhower)
TALENT-KEYHOLE.pdf  (File size: 354,941 bytes)

 NASA-NRO Relations
Formerly classified as TOP SECRET
(dated January 4, 1975)
NASA-NRO_RELATIONS.pdf  (File size: 270,652 bytes)

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